How Businesses Can and Should Use Text Messaging with A.C. Evans

Adam Torres and A.C. Evans discuss text messaging.

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Show Notes:

Text messaging is an important part of connecting with clients. In this episode,  Adam Torres and Aaron Christopher (A.C.) Evans, Co Founder and CEO at Drips, explore the future of text messaging for businesses.

About A.C. Evans

As a serial entrepreneur, A.C. Evans has founded many companies. He’s been focused on split testing, acquisition, and conversion at scale affecting millions of people for over 15 years.

People know him as the person who –

• Innovated and coded an automated sharing/spreading functionality on the backend of MySpace that didn’t exist at the time causing the site to go viral with 10’s of thousands of users per day.
• Developed an organic referral network of 10,000+ residents across the U.S. who would ‘rent’ their Facebook ads accounts to ad agencies and media buyers.
• Created one of the most effective methodologies to raise products in the search engine rankings on Amazon via increased orders and verified reviews.  

About Drips

Drips.com is the first and best Conversational Texting® platform that combines humanized, automated, AI-Driven SMS and IVR drip marketing campaigns to convert more of your leads to calls. They help their clients increase lead conversions by communicating with their customers in the same ways that people communicate with each other.

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