How Click-To-Buy Will Change the Online Shopping Landscape with Chris Roebuck

Adam Torres and Chris Roebuck discuss click-to-buy video innovation.

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Show Notes:

  • Retail space
  • Shoppable video
  • Video marketing

Imagine this. You are watching a video and see a jacket you want. What if you could click on the jacket, buy it in a couple clicks, all without interrupting your viewing experience? Well that dream has become a reality. In this episode, Adam Torres and Chris Roebuck, Founder & CEO of Clicktivated, explore the evolution of video and click-to-buy video innovations.

About Clicktivated Video, Inc.

Clicktivated is an IP-protected interactive video platform that enables viewers the ability to interact with individual products/items in video. Our clean UX creates new monetization opportunities for marketers and a first of its kind set of data points for content distributors to better understand their audience. See it. Click it. Get it. It’s that simple.

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