How Companies Can Advance Through Online Product Innovations with Alexey Semeney

Adam Torres and Alexey Semeney discuss the benefits of product innovation.

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Show Notes:

  • Development 
  • Applications
  • Software

In this episode, Adam Torres and Alexey Semeney, CEO at DevTeam.Space, explore how companies should view innovation in today’s marketplace.

About DevTeam.Space

DevTeam.Space is an innovative software development platform powered by expert development teams and a data-driven agile process.

Our dev teams help companies like Airbus, Xiaomi, Microsoft, Disney and many others with their most innovative development projects. 

DevTeam.Space is most suited for businesses that don’t want to handle product development by themselves and are looking for a reliable long-term product development partner. We’re expert at building and scaling innovative software applications that require world-class expertise, powered by the latest technologies.

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