How Companies Can Attract and Retain World-class Talent

Adam Torres and Dom Farnan discuss the talent landscape. 

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Show Notes:  

DotConnect is a talent advisory that serves SaaS and tech companies with amazing processes, quality candidates, and smart suggestions. In this episode,  Adam Torres and Dom Farnan, Founder and CEO of DotConnect, explore what it takes to attract and retain top talent.  

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About DotConnect

DotConnect finds brilliant people to create high-achieving teams.

Building a lasting team is about more than finding the perfect candidates. It’s about making sure the hiring managers have the support they need to grow an impactful company culture. It’s about finding a talent advisor who loves to do what you thought was impossible. At DotConnect, they fill dream jobs with dream hires to create dream teams. It sounds dreamy, but it’s way more than that. 

DotConnect works on aggressive but realistic schedules, and we help hiring teams focus on high-value tasks while up-leveling their hiring processes. We find stellar talent for your hard-to-fill roles. And we make sure your whole hiring process is a whole lot friendlier.