How Dental Insurance is Broken with Aaron McWilliams

Adam Torres and Aaron McWilliams discuss dental insurance.

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Show Notes:

Dental savings plans may be a better way to save money at the dentist. In this episode,  Adam Torres and Aaron McWilliams, Director of Marketing at 1Dental.com, explore the benefits of dental savings plans.

About Aaron McWilliams

A digital marketer and company culture enthusiast, he’s constantly looking for top talent to add to their team and how to help their people improve just a little bit every day.

Yes, they’ve won some best culture awards and are an Inc. 5000 fastest-growing company, but there’s so much more to accomplish. They have some really smart and creative team players that make it fun to come to work every day. They devise new ideas, improve their processes, outsmart the status quo, and learn by testing to get better and better.

Sound like your kind of team? Then connect with them. If you’re invigorated by working with million-dollar ad budgets, rapidly testing new ideas with a huge audience, feeling empowered by the company you partner with, and maybe you enjoy the occasional game of pickleball (they have two courts), please do reach out. 

About 1Dental

Have you ever gotten your dental bill and wondered 

1.) Why it was so expensive, 

2.) Why your dental plan didn’t help you more, and 

3.) Why did you even buy a dental plan in the first place? 

Their founder used to sell insurance and had trouble finding a dental plan that didn’t have expensive premiums, waiting periods, annual limits, exclusions of pre-existing conditions, and other fine print.

Then he started selling (and using) dental savings plans. Dental savings plans work like you’d hope a dental plan would work. You join for a low annual membership fee, and you get unlimited savings on every single dental visit…whether you need a cleaning, a crown, or anything in between.

No waiting, no limits, no exclusions of conditions you already have, no hidden “gotcha”s…and many people save more in just a routine visit or two than they spend on a whole year of membership. Plus, you get friendly, world-class customer service from their home office in Fort Worth, Texas.

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