How Healthcare Policy Evolved with Ashley Ridlon

In this episode, Rani Khetarpal interviews Ashley Ridlon, Evolent Health Vice President of Health Policy, and shared their insights on:

  • How Ashley Went into Healthcare
  • Health Care Policies
  • ACO Programs and Health Models
  • Commercial Payer’s Impact
  • Value-Based Care Changes in New Administration
  • Response to COVID
  • What Value-Based Care Looked Like


Rani Khetarpal is an award-winning Healthcare Executive with a depth of experience in healthcare delivery and pharmaceuticals with proven leadership across commercial strategy, market development, and strategic partnerships. Rani has demonstrated an ability to successfully deliver positive results in new and changing environments, focused on outcomes driven by value-based care. With a core emphasis in oncology and post-acute care, Rani is fluent in the impact payment models and care delivery models for all members of the healthcare ecosystem. With an entrepreneurial mindset, Rani continues to successfully guide and implement internal strategies and innovative business models that optimize profitability and quality of care.