How HR Strategy & Culture is JUST as Important as Compliance with LeiLani E. Quiray

Adam Torres and LeiLani E. Quiray discuss HR strategy & culture

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Show Notes:

  • HR Compliance
  • HR strategy
  • HR culture

HR is a critical piece of running a business. Staying in compliance is important. But do you have a proper strategy in place? Have you focused on culture lately? In this episode, Adam Torres and LeiLani E. Quiray, SPHR, CEO at bethechangeHR, explore what it looks like to go past compliance and to develop a proper long term strategy.

About bethechangeHR

bethechangeHR, a conscious company, provides HR support for small-to-medium sized businesses in any facet of HR from pre-hire to post-term and everything else that happens in between.  If it involves your employees, call us and we can handle it.

Hire bethechangeHR for your Human Resources needs and they will donate 10% of the cost to the charity of your choice.  

Together we can “be the change”​ and do some awesome HR work in the meantime.

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