How Impact and Sustainable Investing Work into a Financial Plan with Kristen Taylor

Adam Torres and Kristen Taylor discuss impact investing.

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Show Notes:

Impact and sustainable investing is a trend that has gained traction through the years. No longer is it considered something that is “the right thing to do,” it’s also a profitable way to align investment returns with one’s ideals and values. In this episode, Adam Torres and Kristen Taylor, MSFA, CFP®, Client Advisor at Mission Wealth, explore the future of impact and sustainable investing.

About Kristen Taylor 

I joined Mission Wealth to be a part of a dynamic and passionate group of professionals with a strong commitment to the long-term financial health of their clients. I was drawn to their comprehensive approach to wealth management and their caring culture, which focuses on empowering clients to lead more fulfilled lives. I am also proud to be part of a firm that strongly supports my passion for socially responsible and sustainable investing.

About Mission Wealth

Mission Wealth is an independent financial planning and investment management firm with offices across the Central and Western regions of the US. Our eighteen offices are located in California, Colorado, Illinois, Texas (Houston, Dallas and Austin), Indiana, New York, Oregon, Arizona, Utah and Washington.  We strive to deliver what affluent families need most – comprehensive, holistic and unbiased wealth management advice. We are dedicated to helping our clients solve both common and unique challenges in managing their wealth. 

Because we are independent and do not sell proprietary products, we can provide impartial financial advice to our clients.  We are not just a money manager; we help clients manage their entire balance sheet. We keep track of loans and contact clients when rates drop to the point that they may benefit from a refinance. We track investment real estate and help analyze yields, taxes, risks, and capital appreciation potential for real estate portfolios. We update retirement projections yearly. We review Estate Documents to make sure that clients’ desires will be carried out. We talk to clients’ accountants to make sure the investments and taxes are integrated.  Finally, we review clients’ insurance coverage and help make sure there is adequate coverage at the best possible price.

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