How Lance Trebesch & Eventgroove Help Customers Have Successful Events and Fundraisers

Lance Trebesch, CEO and Co-Owner of Eventgroove, was Interviewed by Adam Torres at Mission Matters Innovation Podcast.

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Eventgroove has served more than half a million people across Australia, Canada, the USA, and the UK. Eventgroove has a one-stop integrated platform with three comprehensive services:  event management, ecommerce, and fundraising.

Eventgroove’s co-owner and CEO, Lance Trebesch, spent 15 years being a part of early startup teams building companies in Silicon Valley. He grew up in the Northern Rockies, and his goal always was to start an international business. His first job was at APL, a global ocean container shipping company, where he was motivated to retool his career into IT and software within APL’s global presence. He went on to become Director of IT at APL and in 1995, he decided to take part in the startup growth in the Bay area.  

His first job in the startup world was with Dimension X, a Java software company, where he headed up Strategic Alliances working with Sun, Microsoft, and Macromedia (Adobe). He went on to become the head of Global Media and Entertainment for Viant based out Los Angeles, where he led a multidisciplinary team of consultants in the sectors of strategy, design, and technology.

Trebesch knew that brands who leveraged internet technology could increase their customer base exponentially and completely transform their businesses. Later after moving to Bozeman, Montana, he joined Eventgroove as CEO and Co-Owner where it is still running strong today.

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What makes the event industry so interesting? 

Trebesch says more people, companies and nonprofits are doing events today because there are so many resources available to help them. A business can digitally create event ticketing, engage in e-commerce, set up fundraising campaigns, use social media, and more, which makes it easier than ever to plan and produce successful events and fundraisers. He explains that his company, Eventgroove, is a one-stop-shop for events and fundraisers through its integrated platform.

The pandemic has now familiarized nearly everyone with virtual events, and given the advancement of broadband and software platforms, virtual events are far easier today than they used to be. This, though, has increased the overwhelming array of options for companies that host events, and many now make a habit of arranging a variety of offline, online and hybrid (part-virtual, part-IRL) gatherings. 

What is the role and responsibility of Eventgroove? 

Eventgroove is a integrated software platform built from the ground up to help organizations and companies utilize event marketing, management, ticketing, online fundraising and marketing with a variety of campaigns such as auctions, raffles, sweepstakes, walk-a-thons and donation pages, as well as a complete ecommerce platform upon which they can set up their own ecommerce storefronts.

Eventgroove offers marketing modules like site widgets, email marketing, text marketing and more. It also provides promotional merchandise from collateral to apparel and other merchandise. Its user-friendly website has served more than 600,000 people since the brand’s launch. 

The road ahead for Eventgroove

Having covered the UK, US, Canada, and Australia, Trebesch says Eventgroove is now focusing on its non-English market, expanding into Europe and Asia.

To learn more, visit  www.eventgroove.com or reach out to [email protected]