How Merchants Can Defend Themselves with Alexander Hall

Adam Torres and Alexander Hall explore merchant defense.

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Show Notes:

Many merchants suffer from not having the proper merchant defense mechanisms in place. In this episode,  Adam Torres and Alexander Hall, Owner at Dispute Defense Consulting, explore defense tactics that every merchant should know.

About Alexander Hall

His professional experience started before he completed high school. With a passion for problem-solving and technology, his career started as an independent computer repair tech. After a few years, he was made painfully aware of the impact that fraud poses in their society and immediately took up the reigns and set out to find out why. After serving local businesses for years and successfully applying new strategies to a countless number of transactions, he decided it was time to start his consulting company and grow his potential for impact to the national scale.

Since 2013, he has been helping merchants to build their defenses against the dark forces of fraudsters, by creating custom-made, data-driven strategies for his clients and having a blast every day. Every step of the way! Experienced Fraud Specialist with a demonstrated history of working in the management consulting industry. Skilled in Fraud Investigations, Research, Fraud Prevention, Customer Service, and Microsoft Word. Strong finance professional with close to a decade to in operational experience. 

About Dispute Defense Consulting

Dispute Defense Consulting offers “Full-Spectrum Fraud Mitigation” Consulting. Many merchents see the affects of fraud, whether it come in the form of return policy exploits, B2B credibility faith, customer complaint/reward tactics, loyalty program exploits, credit card fraud, friendly-fraud, and others, but the merchants do not know what their options are or the best way to handle these sneaky problems. Compounded over time,these dishonest tactics  hold a potential for great loss. If left unchecked within an efficient and otherwise great operational system, these tactics can wreak havoc overnight.

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