How Neuroscience Can Help Businesses Succeed

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Show Notes:

The Andrick Group is helping organizational leaders apply brain-based research to improve employee engagement and company culture. In this episode, Adam Torres interviewed Melissa Hughes, Ph.D., Speaker, Author and Neuroscience Geek at The Andrick Group. Explore Melissa’s journey in neuroscience and how she is helping organizations.

About Melissa Hughes

Having worked with learners from the classroom to the boardroom,  Melissa Hughes has spent the better part of her career understanding how the brain works and how to make it work better as we teach, learn, create, and communicate in today’s hectic workplace. With deep roots in education, Melissa shares practical applications of neuroscience that enhances cognition and enables greater creativity, more effective collaboration strategies, and a more engaged workforce – all of which contribute to the culture essential for organizational success and personal satisfaction. As the author of Happy Hour with Einstein and a high-energy keynote speaker, it is a joy for her to illuminate the science behind the factors that impact how we think, learn, communicate and collaborate at work and in life.  

About The Andrick Group

The Andrick Group is committed to delivering the kinds of high-quality, engaging, collaborative professional development opportunities that build the capacity for effective teaching and learning.  All successful organizations strive for continual improvement.  When processes or functions are ineffective, it’s standard practice to look for ways to improve them.  But, one of most significant differentiators between highly effective organizations and all the others is their focus on improving the way they learn.  

In the classroom or in the boardroom, learning is not a fixed trait – it is a skill that requires practice.  When we understand how the brain works and how we can effectively nurture cognition and creativity, we can improve problem-solving, collaboration and innovation.  The primary goal of the Andrick Group is to engage, inform, and inspire organizations to foster a “learning to learn” culture that perpetuates continuous improvement at all levels.

Additionally, they know that one size does not fit all; every community has unique challenges and needs.  They take pride in their ability to provide tailored learning experiences by having a conversation, listening to your needs, and creating a customized workshop to meet those needs. They bring the best professional development learning experiences to you, within your budget, on your schedule.  The Andrick Group offers flexible options in 2-hour, 4-hour, and 6-hour sessions for both large and small groups of participants.