How Nonprofits Can Increase Their Relevance with Elisa Pratt, CAE

Adam Torres and Elisa Pratt discuss nonprofits.

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Show Notes:

Nonprofits in today’s marketplace face unique challenges. They too must develop strategies to reach their target market effectively. In this episode,  Adam Torres and Elisa Pratt, CAE, Founder & CEO at Brewer Pratt Solutions, explore strategies that can help nonprofits increase their reach in today’s marketplace.

About Elisa Pratt

She knows what you’re going through. You’re likely juggling 1½ full-time jobs; and that’s just at the office. No matter how good you are at your job…sometimes you need help. With Brewer Pratt Solutions you have a SECRET WEAPON! She is that extra time, that senior-level support, that focused set of strategic hands you’ve been waiting for. So let’s get to work and grow your membership, impact your industry, cultivate a more effective board and engage your next generation of leaders.

She provides two things: realistic and tactical strategies for the big picture stuff and custom solutions for the projects and particulars. She is your secret weapon. Let’s be honest…your strategic plan is on a shelf gathering dust. Or worse, it’s filled with unachievable, pie-in-the-sky goals that you’ll ultimately be held accountable for. It’s time for a strategic checkup. Recalibrate and recommit. She gets it. You’re busy. It’s the nature of the beast. The reality is you’re never going to have the time to get to all that.

The Board is waiting and the staff can’t move forward without it. Ever wish you could clone yourself and get help for some of those high-level projects and initiatives? So do what corporate executives do…outsource. That future leaders program, board orientation manual and member engagement initiative can all be drafted before the next board meeting. No more excuses…you have a secret weapon! After nearly 20 years of helping advance associations from the inside out, She takes pride in making association execs look good! She delivers candid and hyper-custom solutions to membership organizations of all sizes. Just imagine what you could do together!

About Brewer Pratt Solutions LLC

Brewer Pratt Solutions LLC is an association advancement consulting firm specializing in the delivery of candid and hyper-custom solutions that transform associations and instigate increased organizational success, as well as the implementation of project-based professional service improvements to ensure organizational evolution for nonprofit staff, elected boards and volunteer leadership. Visit http://www.brewerprattsolutions.com for more information.

Brewer Pratt Solutions (BPS) works to identify and implement answers to those challenges holding small and medium associations back. Yet, these challenges can take many forms. In some cases, longer term, strategic solutions are necessary to enable an association to recalibrate and develop the roadmap to a successful future. Sometimes the executive staff simply don’t have the bandwidth to deliver those much needed projects or address shorter-term organizational and membership needs. Consequently, BPS offers two consulting approaches: 1) strategic-based solutions; and/or 2) project-based professional services; both providing customized and impactful results.

Each approach begins with an ardent discovery phase. BPS understands that listening is the key to developing unique and tailored strategies and tactics. Unlike other consultants, Brewer Pratt Solutions sees clients through not only the launch and rollout, but throughout the entire life-cycle of a project. Additionally, following a project or initiative, BPS provides a six month follow-up assessment to ensure clients have the necessary support and can plan appropriately for any next steps. Brewer Pratt Solutions’ exhaustive and personal approach is anything but traditional.

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