How PR and Communications are Changing the Business World with Mike Casey

Adam Torres and Mike Casey discuss PR and communications. 

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Show Notes: 

Tigercomm is a U.S. communications firm helping clean economy companies market better, tell their story to investors, secure fair treatment from policy makers and win social license to operate within local communities. In this episode,  Adam Torres and Mike Casey, Founder and President at Tigercomm, explore the evolution of PR and communications in business.

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About Mike Casey

Mike Casey is the president and founder of Tigercomm, the leading U.S. cleantech PR, marketing communications and public affairs firm. I counsel cleantech executives and investors, and my passion for the last 30 years has been designing, building, running or being a part of winning communications programs. 

About Tigercomm

Tigercomm is the top U.S.-based cleantech marketing communications, PR and public affairs firm. For nearly 10 years, they helped clients increase sales, build brands and secure the fair policies that build markets. Tigercomm built the firm to provide an intensive level of service designed for companies, organizations and leaders working in clean energy and sustainability. Their success is our mission.