Whitaker Irvin Jr. PMP: How Q Hydrogen is Innovating the Hydrogen Industry

Adam Torres and Whitaker Irvin Jr. discuss the hydrogen industry.

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Show Notes:

Whitaker Irvin Jr. PMP, President and CEO at Q Hydrogen Solutions Corporation

Hydrogen’s role in the renewable energy market is quickly evolving. In this episode,  Adam Torres and Whitaker Irvin Jr. PMP, President and CEO at Q Hydrogen Solutions Corporation, explores the future of the industry and clear hydrogen.

About Whitaker Irvin Jr.

Seasoned Entrepreneur with a wide range of experience in industries including Finance, Aerospace/Defense, Energy, and Green High Technology Companies. Based in Park City, Utah, He looks forward to making positive contributions in the world of energy technology while simultaneously making the planet a better place for us all to live and thrive.

About Q Hydrogen Solutions Corporation

Q Hydrogen Solutions Corporation was formed to further develop and commercialize new hydrogen technologies. These technologies were developed through the work of Whitaker B. Irvin, Sr., their founder and senior technologist, which began in 1997. His work focuses on the relationships of energy and matter and features wide-ranging experimentation and applications.

Their technology is based upon science that is entirely new to hydrogen and it will dramatically reduce the production cost and make it far easier to produce. Hydrogen will now be readily available to the world for the very first time, rewriting the script for how quickly the world can move to hydrogen as a low cost fuel source.

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