How Spartan Serves it’s Community with Carola Jain

Adam Torres and Carola Jain discuss Spartan.

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Show Notes:

Spartan is more than a company, it’s a movement. With over 20,000 people sporting Spartan tattoos, the brand has managed to attract and maintain one of the most loyal fanbases in sports. In this episode,  Adam Torres and Carola Jain, Chief Marketing Officer at Spartan, explore what makes the Spartan brand so unique and how it strives to continually provide value to its community.

About Carola Jain

Carola oversees marketing and brand strategy at Spartan, the leading obstacle course racing company and is the co-lead behind the global launch of Spartan Women, a female focused platform connecting women and girls from all over the world by promoting camaraderie and empowerment. The community platform has been designed to cross borders, defy stereotypes and share the inspiring stories of women who overcome the challenges of everyday life.

Prior to joining Spartan, Carola spent over 16 years at Interbrand and in her last appointment as Senior Director of Brand Strategy and Analytics led the financial services and non-profit practice as well as overseeing Interbrand’s top 100 ‘Best Global Brands Study’.

Carola’s track record includes the successful leadership and management of global brand teams across multi-disciplinary engagements including the launch of integrated marketing campaigns, extensive internal brand and organizational culture change programs as well as running large scale Brand Strategy, Brand Valuation, Customer Insights, Analytics and Brand Architecture programs for clients such as American Express, Accenture, Apollo Management, AARP, Credit Suisse, Citigroup, DuPont, GE, JPMorganChase, Intel, L’Oreal, SAP, PBS, and Thomson Reuters.

About Spartan

Spartan is for those willing to mentally and physically push to achieve your personal best. It’s a sport, mindset, community and way of life. Above all, it’s a catalyst for transformation, pushing you beyond what you thought was possible.

Founded in 2010 by CEO Joe DeSena, Spartan is the world’s largest obstacle race and endurance brand, with more than 200 global events annually. The Spartan lifestyle spans more than 40 countries and encompasses a global championship series, training and nutrition programs, health and wellness products and a range of media entities. 

Spartan’s obstacle races have seen more than 5 million participants jump through fire and over the finish line after pushing their bodies and minds to limit across miles of unforgiving terrain while conquering signature obstacles such as the spear throw, bucket brigade and barbed wire crawl. Race events include three distances: the three to five-mile, 20-23 obstacle “Sprint;” eight to 10-mile, 24 to 29 obstacle “Super;” and 12 to 14-mile, 30 to 35 obstacle “Beast,” which, when completed in one race season earns competitors the coveted “Trifecta” medal. All races are timed and feature Elite, Age-Group, and Open heats, along with Spartan Kids races designed to challenge youth ages four to 14 with special obstacles and trials. The Spartan Championship Series features global rankings which culminate into the Spartan Race World Championship.

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