How Successful Business Owners Can Benefit From High-Performing Virtual Family Offices with Trevor Scotto CPA, CFP®

Adam Torres and Trevor Scotto explore family offices.

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Show Notes:

The virtual family office model is changing the way that many high net worth individuals invest. In this episode,  Adam Torres and Trevor Scotto CPA, CFP®, Co Founder and Partner of Fiduciary Financial Group, explore the virtual family office model landscape.

About Trevor Scotto

Trevor Scotto is a wealth manager and one of the Co-Founding Partners at Fiduciary Financial Group. He focuses on providing advanced wealth management solutions to executives and successful families here in the San Francisco Bay Area. Together with his partners, he helps affluent clients address their five biggest concerns: preserving their wealth, mitigating taxes, taking care of their heirs, ensuring their assets are not unjustly taken through litigation, probate and divorce and magnifying charitable giving. Fiduciary Financial Group also helps clients with all of their tax prep, compliance & tax planning needs.

Trevor co-founded Fiduciary Financial Group in 2016 and serves successful individuals and families who have entrusted him with their assets, tax preparation, and financial well-being. He uses a consultative process to gain a detailed understanding of his clients’ deepest values and goals. He then employs customized recommendations designed to address each client’s unique needs and goals beyond simply investments.

Successful individuals and families work with Trevor to:
-Develop and implement a comprehensive wealth management plan to help them reach their financial dreams.
-Make smarter decisions in today’s uncertain political, economic and social environment.
-Obtain an independent second opinion from a top financial advisor in their community.
-Stress test their current financial situation to identify weaknesses or areas of financial improvement.

Earlier in his career, Trevor earned his CPA license preparing tax returns for high net worth individuals and their families along with business owners here in the local community. Later, he spent time with the Finance team at Glassdoor which was recently acquired for over $1 billion.

His core beliefs in serving clients are
1) Listen first, advise second.
2) Keep things simple.
3) Staying objective is paramount for prudent decision-making.
4) Staying consistent with an investment philosophy plan is key for success.
5) Financial success is a marathon, not a sprint.

About Fiduciary Financial Group

At Fiduciary Financial Group, They hold themselves to the highest standard of professional ethics… the fiduciary standard of care. It’s a simple concept yet absent in many client/advisor relationships: Only provide advice and recommendations that are in the best interests of the client. Always. No exceptions. They offer in-depth financial planning and wealth management. This involves reviewing not only a clients budget and investments, but also their estate plan, beneficiary designations, mortgage and business financing, insurance documents, tax returns, etc. They are completely detached and non incentivized to solicit any particular investment product. Their incentive is simple: grow your money as much as possible within the confines of your tolerance for risk. They focus on liquid & publicly traded investments. They will, on occasion, branch out into non-publicly traded offerings for the sake of diversification but have a strict rule that if they put their clients funds into such a vehicle, they will also have invested some of their own money in the same offering.   

Retirement Plan Consulting for Small Business Owners:
The world of retirement plan design, administration, and ongoing investment management oversight is complex. With their ability to speak the same accounting language as your bookkeepers, payroll, and tax professionals, they can serve as the quarterback  for your company retirement plan. 

Strategic Philanthropy:
Through their strategic partnership with Cogeo and a vast network of estate planning attorneys and tax professionals, they can provide expertise on making your gifts count. Planned giving, life insurance as a gift, donor advised funds, charitable remainder and lead trusts, charitable gift annuities, etc. If you want to give, let us coordinate the effort.

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