How SUPER73 has Achieved Rapid Growth Through Viral Marketing with Michael Cannavo

Adam Torres and Michael Cannavo discuss viral marketing.

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Show Notes:

SUPER73 has achieved rapid growth through it’s viral marketing efforts. In this episode,  Adam Torres and Michael Cannavo, Co-Founder and CMO at SUPER73, explore why SUPER73’s marketing efforts have been so effective in gaining a loyal following while building a community.

About Michael Cannavo

Chief Marketing Officer and Co-Founder at Super73. He specialize in viral marketing, social media content, and influencer partnerships. In the brief moments that his life isn’t isn’t revolving around the bright sun of Super73, he hosts a sci-fi podcast accompanied by multiple social media accounts.

About SUPER73 Inc.

Based in Orange County, California, they passionately design, manufacture and distribute Super73 electric motorbikes. Founded in 2016, the Super73® brand has quickly grown into one of the most recognizable electric vehicle brands in the world with a passionate customer base that includes the likes of Will Smith, Jaime Foxx, and Madonna. Their mission is to build the world’s best electric motorbikes, cultivate a passionate community while providing an exceptional customer experience.

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