How Talent Resources has Shifted with Michael Heller

Adam Torres and Michael Heller discuss Talent Resources.

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Show Notes:

Many businesses made shifts in 2020. In this episode,  Adam Torres and Michael Heller, Founder and CEO at Talent Resources Holdings, explore Talent Resources and their plans going into 2021.

About Michael Heller

Michael Heller, Principal, Talent Resources Holdings, started a career in entertainment law where he oversaw and negotiated opportunities for brands to garner celebrity support and managed the commercial work for stars such as Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton and Rachel Hunter. Through these experiences Michael established deep relationships and connections within the entertainment industry and quickly realized that there weren’t many active facilitators bridging the gap between brands and talent.

This led him to found Talent Resources and based on its success led to the establishment of Talent Resources Sports and most recently TR Ventures. Michael is considered a visionary in the world of influencer, celebrity and social media marketing and has become a leading voice for the industry, having appeared in such major outlets as CNBC, Business Insider, Fortune, Fox Business, Buzzfeed, CNN, Digiday, The Hollywood Reporter, Vanity Fair and many others. 

About Talent Resources

Talent Resources provides full-service marketing and creative strategy development with a leading edge in the world of Entertainment. They advance their clients’ brands by engaging their consumers through unique experiences and celebrity interaction. Through combinations of Brand Development, Public Relations, Celebrity Engagement, Sponsorship Opportunities & Event Integration, they provide full-service campaigns for a wide range of clients and industries. By creating innovative solutions that produce superior results, Talent Resources proves to be the ultimate bridge between world-class talent and exceptional brands.

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Instagram: @TalentResources

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