How Tax Credits Can Create a New Cash Infusion with Lindsay Polyak

 Adam Torres and Lindsay Polyak discuss tax credits.

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Show Notes:

Tax credits often go unclaimed by small businesses because they don’t realize they qualify. These overlooked credits can be a great source of funding. In this episode, Adam Torres and Lindsay Polyak, Principal at Tax Credit Collective, explore tax credits and what business owners should know to qualify for them.

About Lindsay Polyak

My name is Lindsay Polyak, and I am a genuine, proven, results-oriented Tax Credits and Incentives Leader. My passion is helping both large and small companies improve their cash flow by uncovering specialized tax credits that were previously missed or under-claimed. Many businesses already engage in activities and spend finances that qualify them for as many as 10,000 tax incentives and credits. However, they lack the expertise to find them and defend their validity. In contrast, Fortune 100 companies benefit from tax credits and tout a single-digit effective tax rate while small to midsize businesses miss out on the IRS tax credit party!

About Tax Credit Collective

EXPERIENCE: Our technical tax and legal expertise has provided our clients real results. We apply a proven process to successfully identify, calculate and support the credits that our clients claim. No matter what structure or stage your business is in, we tailor your incentive strategy to claim maximum credits. And we are always on the pulse of the latest tax developments. As a result, our clients position their businesses in real time to claim all available incentives process. We listen to your needs and expectations and dedicate the time needed to understand your company, industry and processes. Our end goal is that no stone remain unturned to maximize the credits you receive.

PROCESS: We spend time with all levels of your staff while being respectful of your limited time resources. We gather all necessary data to prepare and retain the documentation needed for a successful incentive study.

FOLLOW-THRU: We walk hand-in-hand with our clients through any IRS or state examinations that may take place once claims are submitted. It’s our way of making sure our clients feel confident throughout the process from the day they call us to the day their claims are approved.

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