How Technology is Changing Employee Benefits with Eric O’Brien

Adam Torres and Eric O’Brien discuss the importance of benefits administration systems.

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Show Notes:

  • Employee benefits
  • Small business
  • Benefits administration

With employee retention being a central focus for many employers, benefits packages and how they are delivered becomes increasingly important. In this episode, Adam Torres and Eric O’Brien, Founder & President at Mosaic Employee Benefits, explore some of the new features being introduced to alleviate some of the workflow from human resources, while increasing employee satisfaction.

About Mosaic Employee Benefits

It’s not your favorite part about owning a business, but you should feel proud providing a benefits package! As a business owner, offering a comprehensive benefits package can be a important decision, helping to attract and retain productive and healthy talent. Health insurance is a costly line item on a household budget.  Employer subsidies on health insurance premiums are life changing events at home. Mosaic Employee Benefits holds relationships with all carriers, your choice architect, implementing strategic packages based on the demographic needs of your staff.

Health Insurance Exchange Planning & Implementation, Employee Benefit Packages, Self Insured Benefits, Sole Proprietor Plans, Property & Casualty Insurance, Payroll Reporting, Individual – Health, Life, Disability, Dental, Vision, Home, Auto and Umbrella Policies. We work with government contracts and fringe benefits!  Defined Contribution and Self Insured Renewal Strategies.

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