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How to Attract and Retain Gen Zers with Austin McCulloh

Adam Torres and Austin McCulloh discuss the needs of Gen Zers.

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Show Notes:

Reaching and retaining the Gen Z audience is a goal for many businesses. But how do you do it? In this episode, Adam Torres and Austin McCulloh, Principal Consultant & Founder at Austin McCulloh Advising, explore what it takes to reach the Gen Z audience. 

About Austin McCulloh Advising

Austin McCulloh Advising is a cutting edge firm that specializes in Individual Success Mentality and Business Development consulting. Some areas that we provide assistance in:

  • Accelerate your career advancement by discovering your full potential & refining your personal brand
  • Help you become a better leader by boosting self-confidence, self-awareness, and improving communication skills
  • Support you to successfully start your own business
  • Increase the bottom line of your existing business through enhanced employee productivity, executive coaching, and strategic initiatives such as market positioning.

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