How to Be Your Own Life Cheerleader with Mandy Ross

Adam Torres and Mandy Ross discuss healthy practices.

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Show Notes:

Oftentimes people spend time helping and supporting others without considering how they treat themselves. Have you considered being your own “life cheerleader?” In this episode,  Adam Torres and Mandy Ross, TV Host, Media Personality and Content Creator, explore what it means to have a positive relationship with yourself.

About Mandy Ross 

Close connections, conscious communication and championing positive change are what I live for. As a TV and media personality, I inspire audiences through my hosting, reporting, interviewing, podcasting, YouTubing, content creating and published writing.

Years in the media naturally blossomed into a career as a social media creator and influencer. I love uplifting my online audience through captivating content, and continue to align and work with game changers: the innovative, inspirational and exponential mindsets in the world. I have an immense passion for all things health and wellness related, self growth, learning, reading, fashion, innovation, technology, entrepreneurialism, beauty, fitness, yoga, meditation, nutrition, mindfulness, inspired living and empowering others.

When I am not documenting my life and loves for the online world, you can find me working out at the gym, on an outdoor adventure, travelling and exploring, spending time with loved ones and friends, socializing at a cool event, cooking healthy recipes, watching inspirational and educational YouTubes, or relaxing at home with a good book and a face mask or “Namaste-ing” to a meditation.

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