How To Bring a Product to Market for Less than 100k with Courtney Aura Freeman

Adam Torres and Courtney Aura Freeman discuss best practices for bringing a product to market.

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Show Notes:

  • Cannabis business
  • SB34 Compassionate Use Act
  • Online course

Starting a cannabis based business can be challenging. Being such a highly regulated industry where does one begin? In this episode, Adam Torres and Courtney Aura Freeman President & CEO White Buffalo, explore what starting a compliant cannabis based business looks like and how to launch it on a budget and on time.

About Courtney Aura Freeman

Having established myself in the cannabis and CBD industry in 2015, I’m offering advisory services for existing businesses or for those businesses wishing to enter the cannabis industry and establish strong market share.

I am a program manager, marketer, and writer with over fifteen years of experience in business to business (B2B) and business to consumer (B2C) growth strategy. Working with both Fortune 500 companies and successful start-ups, I guide business executives in how to enter the cannabis industry, connect with the appropriate services, establish market share, and to launch successful product lines.

As a knowledgeable participant in the cannabis industry, consulting top tier firms, I conduct public speaking engagements to educate business professionals, public officials, and members of the community.

I’m focused on product development including manufacturing, compliant packaging, design oversight, and go-to-market strategy.

About White Buffalo

White Buffalo is a forty year old brand offering rolling papers, cannabis and hemp derived CBD therapeutic products, as well as accessories. Visit our eCommerce site WhiteBuffaloSpirit.org .

We produce cannabis industry events that support social impact, business development, philanthropy, and environmental protections. Visit WhiteBuffaloCannabis.com/events to view our event calendar.

We have been a trusted brand in cannabis and CBD since 1976. It is our mission to bring awareness to critical issues that affect our ecology and to educate our community members in matters pertaining to cannabis medicine. We are focused on community building and advancement of our industry.

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