How To Build A Referral Based Business with David Hillelsohn

Adam Torres and David Hillelsohn discuss a systematic way to earn consistent referrals.

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Show Notes:

  • Insurance
  • Refer business to 10 new people
  • Measure referral goal
  • Follow up quick with new contacts
  • Client appreciation events

We all know that referrals based leads are amazing for any business. But can you create a systematic way to get consistent referrals over time? In this episode, Adam Torres and David Hillelsohn, President at DHill Financial, discuss building a referral based business poised to stand the test of time.

About DHill Financial

Leveraging 26 years of insurance wholesaling experience to understand how insurance companies function to predict potential blind spots, and advocate for clients when needed. We put our clients in a position to thrive by understanding where they are and where they want to be, ensuring there are no roadblocks to reaching their measurement for success.

We have no primary insurance company affiliation, and bring a fresh perspective for individuals, families, and businesses looking to an insurance partner they can trust to represent their interests.

Licensed for life insurance, health insurance, and long term care insurance in over 30 states around the country.

Top five current areas of practice:

• Income protection for families and businesses
• Debt Re-Payment, meeting ongoing financial responsibilities and business succession planning
• Strategies for employer partners to attract the type of employee they want to keep
• Ongoing long term health care concerns into retirement
• Sole practitioners and rock-star sales professionals with fluctuating income

Insurance practice with a focus on building trust, expanding knowledge, and demonstrating compassion.

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