How to Build and Scale a Repeatable B2B Sales Process with Patricia DuChene

Adam Torres and Patricia DuChene discuss B2B Sales processes.

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Show Notes:

Building and scaling repeatable B2B sales processes is the goal of many businesses. But how many of us know how to accomplish this task? In this episode,  Adam Torres and Patricia DuChene, Vice President of Sales at Postal.io, explore what it takes to build B2B sales processes effectively.

About Postal.io

Postal.io is an integrated direct mail platform for sales and marketing teams that leverages machine learning to automate and optimize the creation, delivery, and reporting of personalized physical assets in the sales process. The system can easily integrate with existing CRM systems, Sales and Marketing Automation Platforms, or can be used independently. 

Postal.io is a venture-backed startup, led by a nationally recognized founding team with multiple successful $mm exits. They are based in beautiful San Luis Obispo within walking/biking distance to restaurants, SLO airport, wineries, and athletic clubs. People are their #1 priority and they’re focused on taking care of their employees, customers, and partners.

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