How to Build Successful Apps with Charlie Regis

Adam Torres and Charlie Regis discuss building Apps.  

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Show Notes:

Building successful apps is important for many companies to stay competitive in the marketplace and operationally efficient within.  In this episode,  Adam Torres and Charlie Regis, Founder at Peach Collective and Co Founder at Styliff Tech, explore how to take an idea from inception to launching a successful app.     

About Peach Collective

A global investment network powered by world-class entrepreneurs. Top entrepreneurs from around the world who collaborate over the best deal flow in our ecosystems. This enables us to provide each of our investment networks with some of the most exciting opportunities in the game and gives our portfolio of companies access to a truly global investment network. 

About Styliff Tech

Styliff Tech team of app creators, entrepreneurs & mobile app developers in London & Slovenia was formed in 2015. Just like how many good stories start, the founders met in a bar and  quit their jobs to pursue a tech startup in Silicon Valley. This is where they fell in love with the conceptual & high potential nature of apps. Just like most start ups, Styliff Tech faced many financial barriers to build their own concepts. So they took matters into their own hands and formed an innovative app studio, where they build your app and make our own.

The purpose of this model was to empower ourselves with independence and creative freedom. It’s simple, why can’t we build what we want, when we want?