How To Build Winning Teams with Andrew Sillitoe

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“The pivotal moment for me was when I started thinking of myself as a mentor rather than just being a coach.”

In this episode, we speak about the importance of understanding the difference between a coach and a mentor. And we do that this week from the perspective of my guest who has a strong background in being a professional athlete turned coach, turned executive mentor who now develops leaders who inspire, influence, and build teams that win.

If you’re tired of underperformance and ready to level up, he’s your guy! My guest is very open in sharing his leadership journey – the life events that served as his learning experiences – that brought him to where he is now. I hope you are excited, because these stories make him very relatable despite his success and accomplishments, and are bound to inspire you for your week…


Andrew Sillitoe is fascinated with how changing our mindset can change the world around us. He has been writing, speaking and teaching on mindset since 2007, as any of his thousands of students and followers can tell you. Featured in Inc magazine and TEDx speaker, he has worked with the BBC and has four published books.

A blogger, speaker, and mental coach, he is known mostly for his work with elite athletes and business leaders.

Outside of leading multiple personal development brands, he plays and coaches ice hockey in Czechia whilst raising four children with his wife.

Andrew has failed many times in life and had some massive lows, including losing his father to a sudden heart attack when he was 16; but he turned these lows into transformation, and it was in 2007 that he became obsessed with performance improvement. 

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Ken Eslick is an Entrepreneur, Author, Podcaster, Tony Robbins Trainer, Life Coach, Husband of 35+ Years, and Grandfather. Ken currently spends his time as the President & Founder of The Leaders Lab where he and his team focus on Senior Leadership Acquisition. They get founders the next level C-Suite Leaders they need to go from being an Inc. Magazine 5000 fastest growing company to $100,000,000 + in revenue. 

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