How to Buy Your Competitors with Bart Rupert

 Adam Torres and Bart Rupert discuss buying businesses.

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Show Notes:

Buying a company can be a great way to start a new business or expand a current one. What if you could do it using none of your own money? In this episode, Adam Torres and Bart Rupert, Founder and Managing Partner at Spartans Alliance, explore strategies for acquiring businesses.

About Bart Rupert

Known for delivering results where strategy meets execution, his expertise includes business leadership, rapid corporate growth, operational efficiency, sales & marketing, deal negotiations, M&A events, emerging technologies, and effective P&L management at companies ranging from start-ups to Fortune 500s. He is particularly skilled at growth acceleration, company turnarounds, and corporate transformations. he enjoyed the challenges of repositioning businesses and optimizing opportunities to achieve organic growth, accelerate business development, and prepare for M&A events.

Projects we can discuss include transforming a product or company, achieving rapid growth within a specific market segment, exit events, revolutionizing or optimizing business strategies, embracing disruptive trends across industries (such as booming growth industries), driving revenue, managing rapid growth, tools for streamlining business tasks, ways to create positive & lasting change, and others. The general theme he tends to follow is growth & transformation, both personally and professionally.

Please feel free to reach out to him if there are investment opportunities or joint ventures you can explore.

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