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How to Capture Disney Magic when Telling Your Brand’s Story with Cydni Tetro

Adam Torres and Cydni Tetro discuss technology storytelling and how to make your brands message memorable

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Show Notes:

Transporting customers into the story you are trying to tell is vital to getting your message across while creating raving fans. Adam Torres and Cydni Tetro, CEO of ForgeDX, explore brand messaging and the story arch in technology.

About Cydni Tetro

I have spent my career building technology products at large enterprises like Disney and at my own venture-backed startups like ForgeDX and 3DplusMe. Today, through technology and strategy, I work with the largest tech companies to build and visualize digital transformation use cases that change the experience for customers, users and businesses. I’m passionate about how technology creates experience that make the world better.

My pathway as a computer scientist and my work in tech companies as a exec and entrepreneur creates experience that fuel my passion as a STEM advocate for women in tech, a speaker, a board member and as teacher on business growth and scale.

I co-founded the Women Tech Council non-profit to focus on the economic impact of women in tech and help use that platform to increase the number of women in tech from high school to the boardroom.

I also serve on a number of boards and organizations working to drive growth, community and impact that makes a difference.

About ForgeDX

ForgeDX is a SaaS digital transformation and customer experience company that accelerates the adoption of technologies through immersive digital simulations. Using IdeaCloud, ForgeDX works with companies to create simulations that illustrate the power of and use cases for technologies, driving digital transformation and implementation of these technologies in industries including retail, travel and hospitality, healthcare, manufacturing and finance. Each simulation simultaneously shows customer, user and business experience, can be scaled to any online or offline format and can be shared throughout an organization.

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