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How to Compete with Irrational Players with Nat Brogadir

Adam Torres and Nat Brogadir discuss competition in the home deliver space.

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Show Notes:

It seems like every day a new app arrives promising home delivery of a service. But what does it take to stick out from the crowd and to become a reliable source of home delivery? In this episode, Adam Torres and Nat Brogadir, Chief Business Officer at delivery.com, explore innovations in the home delivery space and how delivery.com has differentiated itself in such a competitive space.

About Nat Brogadir

Nat runs the commercial business at delivery.com overseeing partnerships, sales, revenue, strategy and growth. He also leads all investor relations and finance functions given his extensive equity research and investing experience. He is an experienced Board Member with the ability to understand many different business models and ecosystems across internet, e-Commerce, consumer and transportation. He graduated cum laude from the University of Pennsylvania with a BA in Economics. 

About delivery.com

delivery.com empowers the neighborhood economy by enabling customers to order online from their favorite local restaurants, grocery stores, wine and spirits shops, and even laundry and dry cleaning providers at laundry.delivery.com. More than two million delivery.com customers explore their communities and order from more than 12,000 local businesses while at home, at work, or on the go. With headquarters in New York and a growing presence throughout the U.S., delivery.com makes e-commerce an integral part of local daily life, helping customers shop, businesses grow, and neighborhoods thrive.

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