How to Create a Stable Business with Stephanie Scheller

Adam Torres and Stephanie Scheller discuss growing a business.

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Show Notes:

Growing a stable and profitable business is the goal of most business owners. However, not many know how to pull off this feat. In this episode,  Adam Torres and Stephanie Scheller, Founder at Grow Disrupt, explore what it takes to grow a stable and profitable business.

About Stephanie Scheller 

She has worked behind the scenes with more than 2500 businesses in the past 8 years and helped generate millions of dollars in sales, and better yet, in profits. With a background and extensive studies in how to best maximize the human psychology side of business,She has applied her studies to increasing sales, improving marketing and engaging the workforce. She now helps small business owners navigate the challenges that stand between them and owning a true business through our online and offline events and done-for-you consulting.

If you owned stock in Apple, you wouldn’t show up for work unless you were getting a paycheck, and you would expect a profit distribution consistently too. Then why do so many small business owners willingly take only a paycheck or only profit distributions? As a small business owner, you are in the minority of the population in the United States. You have taken the risk and made the leap to invest your time and money to provide support and income to you and your employees and you deserve to be rewarded!

Hallmarks of a Grow Disrupt event (whether online or offline) include, application-based learning, exclusive speaker access, and presenters who make complicated concepts easy to understand and implement. Intimate settings and A-List speakers make Grow Disrupt events a “Must-Attend” and have earned such raves as “Better than Tony Robbins’ Unleash the Power Within!”

About Grow Disrupt

Grow Disrupt was founded with one purpose: To disrupt the way the world does business! It’s no longer about following the status quo. We are helping businesses approach business differently from mindset to implementation to not just survive, but also thrive! For years, we worked one-on-one with businesses around the globe to help them thrive. Now we are taking the same systems for success and making them available to a wider audience (at a more affordable price!) through our events & university!

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