How to Eat and Lose Weight with Holly Marquardt

Adam Torres and Holly Marquardt discuss eating to lose weight.

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Show Notes:

Eating habits directly contribute to gaining and losing weight. For those looking to shed a few pounds, proper planning is important. In this episode,  Adam Torres and Holly Marquardt, CO Founder of COMMAND your CROWN, explore how proper eating can allow someone to eat and lose weight at the same time.

About Holly Marquardt 

She is a Las Vegas native with the opportunity to watch this fabulous valley grow firsthand. As the daughter of a successful general contractor, she likes putting things together and discovering how they worked. She worked closely with her father and quickly learned that there was a lot more to real estate than dirt, concrete, lumber and building materials. Her mother began her career in real estate in the 70’s while working the family business and raising two girls. Her passion for real estate and helping people gives me the ability to utilize my knowledge, experience, communication skills and patience to give my clients “first class” customer service.

The complexity of transactions dealing with distressed property owners became a primary focus at the onset of the market decline in 2007. Las Vegas was one of the hardest hit areas in the nation and literally the government programs designed to assist distressed homeowners did not solve the crisis. She strives to help clients find solutions and direct them to competent counsel when needed to create the framework wherein they can find some comfort or resolution to a situation that may have been perceived as hopeless. “When you learn, teach.” That’s exactly what she does. She is certified by the Nevada Real Estate Division to teach continuing education to real estate agents.

She has made it a priority to stay involved through memberships in several organizations in the real estate industry as it evolves in terms of legislation and litigation. I have a reputation for being in the trenches beside many homeowners, successfully using my knowledge and being tenacious, assisting distressed property owners in Las Vegas. She was honored to be selected as one of “YPN Las Vegas 2014 Top 40 Realtors under 40”. She has also authored a chapter about distressed properties in “What To Know Before Buying Or Selling A Home In Las Vegas”. She has always been an independent person, strongly determined and not afraid to get the job done and do it well!

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