How to Empower Your Employees Through Learning Opportunities with Rebecca Taylor

Adam Torres and Rebecca Taylor explore employee empowerment.

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Show Notes:

Empowering employees and creating a thriving workplace culture are the goals of many leaders. In this episode,  Adam Torres and Rebecca Taylor, Co-Founder and COO at GoCoach, explore employee empowerment and the CoCoach story.

About Rebecca Taylor

Empowerment, Learning, Equality, Integrity, Trust, Change.
People are capable of more than they realize. He believes they can learn and adapt to any situation, and that everyone should have equal access to education and professional development. He believes in doing the right thing. He operate with an open heart and mind, and knows that the first step toward doing anything meaningful is to build trust. He thrive in changing environments, and he love helping others do the same. Everything they do at GoCoach is focused on creating the future of work, and helping people reclaim their potential and their growth. 

About GoCoach

GoCoach offers personalized career coaching and learning at scale so that companies can educate, empower, and retain the people they hire. GoCoach was created by Founder and CEO, Kristy McCann Flynn, as a solution built by HR for HR. After working in HR for over 20 years, she grew tired of watching companies throw away their talent due to the “skills gap”. She decided that she needed to create a place that would provide people with the tools they need to grow in a transparent, safe, and supportive work environment. Growth is fundamental to the happiness of all human beings and it is GoCoach’s mission to make it easy for everyone to grow in their careers, unlock their potential, and achieve greater happiness at work.

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