How to Exit the “No One Knows Me” Trap with Lynette Hoy

Adam Torres and Lynette Hoy discuss industry visibility. 

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Show Notes: 

Thought leaders and industry experts can often time increase their profitability by enhancing their visibility. In this episode,  Adam Torres and Lynette Hoy, Founder & CEO of Firetalker PR, explore how leaders can enhance visibility and convert publicity into sales. 

About Lynette Hoy

Lynette Hoy is the Founder, CEO and Fire Chief of Firetalker PR. Her fiery career spans 25+ years including owning and operating this company since 2011. She ran successful PR campaigns for the National Institute of Health, Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute, Kimpton Hotels and Clos du Bois Winery.

Lynette loves the thrill of pitching the media, researching and discovering the solutions that will bring her clients great success in audience building. Media training, partnering and collaborating with people who believe tenacity is worth the effort.

About Firetalker PR

Firetalker help speakers and authors, and small to medium sized brick and mortar businesses grow through fiery publicity and promotion. They increase credibility and expert status through raising awareness about your personal brand – your business. We incorporate what you are doing in marketing yourself or your business with PR efforts, designed to create an inferno of success around you with the ultimate result of increasing revenues and helping to secure consistent growth through  efforts.

Whether you are trying to get additional speaking engagements, raise your expert status to build a platform that pays, garner book publicity and promotion for an upcoming book, or opening a brick and mortar business– Firetalker has the tools and expertise to move you in the direction you desire.