How to Help Businesses Grow Productively with Donna Desrosiers

Adam Torres and Donna Desrosiers discuss productive business growth.

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Show Notes:

Many businesses want to grow productively but few know how. In this episode,  Adam Torres and Donna Desrosiers, President and CEO at D&D Enterprise Group, explore how Donna has helped businesses grow productively.

About Donna Desrosiers

Donna Desrosiers is a highly respected Retail Executive, Business Coach and Peer-Group Facilitator, Donna has successfully provided guidance for turn-around, growth and transformative companies which have resulted in significant revenue results and has empowered teams to perform at the highest level. She is a growth-minded leader who has never been satisfied with the status quo. Open for new challenges, Donna accepted executive roles in the public, private, corporate and entrepreneurial sectors, such as Quiksilver, Charlotte Russe and Walmart.

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