How to Prepare and Execute in High-Stakes Moments with Retired Navy Seal Master Chief, Stephen Drum

Adam Torres and Steve Drum discuss execution.

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Show Notes:

Executing in high-stakes moments can mean the difference between success and failure. But how many of us know how to deal with these situations? In this episode,  Adam Torres and Stephen Drum, Retired Navy Seal Master Chief, Speaker and Consultant at Breaching Leadership, explore what it takes to successfully navigate through high-stakes moments.

About Steve Drum 

One of the most important things that he learned in the SEAL Teams was to apply holistic processes consistently to ensure a constant state of readiness and high-performance in the most challenging situations. These processes are proven to work in the most extreme and life-threatening situations but are also perfectly translatable in all other areas where they need to lead and perform at their best.

It’s his passion to help organizations enhance their execution with a science-based approach by teaching them to:

-Commit with purpose and perseverance
-Prepare with the right mental skills and prioritize areas that yield the best results
-Execute with agility, focus, and situational awareness
-Reflect on our experiences deliberately to apply lessons-learned effectively

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