How to Recruit Remotely for Employers

Adam Torres and Sean Fahey discuss recruiting remotely.

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Show Notes:  

VidCruiter is one of the fastest-growing remote recruitment platforms in the world, helping companies attract and hire better talent. In this episode,  Adam Torres and Sean Fahey, Founder & CEO of VidCruiter, explore what candidates and employers need to know about video interviews and how they differ from the in-person experience.

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About VidCruiter 

VidCruiter makes your job easier. Our HR tech software significantly reduces time-to-hire and helps you find better qualified applicants all while improving the candidate experience. We use Recruitment Process Modelling to digitize and customize the workflow so it mirrors your existing recruiting process—then enhances it. You’ll be online in no time.

VidCruiter offers:

  • Video interviews (live and pre-recorded options) 
  • Interview scheduling
  • Skills testing
  • Automated reference checks
  • Audio interviews
  • Video proctoring

Each product can be used independently or as part of our completely optimized recruitment platform.