How to Turn Customers Into LUSTomers

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In this episode, Ken and Bryan explore some key challenges companies of various sizes face in today’s environment of finicky customers, flighty employees, and impatient boards of directors. With core values like “stop the churn, increase the love” and mission questions like “do your customers love you enough,” Bryan’s hippie (with an MBA) persona is intoxicating. And he even leaves everyone with a gift at the end!

Bryan Rutberg, Founder and Principal, 3C Communications, whose corporate mission is “bring more love into the world, one customer relationship at a time.” Bryan’s base was formed through degrees from Georgetown and UNC, then stacked onto with time at Hewlett-Packard, McKinsey & Company, and Microsoft. Rutberg helped Microsoft build world-class relationships with customers as Director of Microsoft’s award-winning Executive Briefing Center and served as Speechwriter and Executive Communications Director for the Microsoft Corporate VP responsible for global customer support. He’s the real thing, so buckle up!

Here are direct links for downloading the eBook, Love & Profit: 10 Ways to Transform Customers into Lustomers™, and business communications self-assessment where your audience can assess their business communication skills to gain insight into their strengths and growth opportunities.  

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