How Unmanaged Stress Can Adversely Affect Your Business, Health and Life with Dr. Robert Shire

Adam Torres and Robert Shire discuss managing stress.

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Show Notes:

Unmanaged stress can be the root cause of many health issues. Have you considered how stress may be negatively impacting your health and business? In this episode,  Adam Torres and Dr. Robert Shire, Doctor of Chiropractic at Tru Whole Care, explore how to deal with stress in business and in life.

About Robert Shire 

Tru Whole Care is a full spectrum health center in Midtown Manhattan, offering a variety of health services including chiropractic, physical therapy, non surgical orthopedics, stress management, nutrition, acupuncture and primary care and dermatology. Perinatal chiropractic is a special area of Dr. Robert Shire’s practice for over 20 years. Helping address the common musculoskeletal complaints of the pregnant mother as well as ensuring her structure is properly aligned. The Webster technique is a specific analysis and skill to ensure optimal sacral/ pelvic Alignment and function. This helps to ensure proper positioning of the baby for a healthier pregnancy and easier labor and delivery.

About Tru Whole Care

Tru Whole Care is revolutionizing individual healthcare by reinventing the patient experience. Our unique approach is called Whole Care and we are the only provider that brings together a range of specialties in one location to offer patients the best elements of traditional medicine along with wellness services. And, redefining the practitioner’s financial opportunity. Our providers have the ability to remain financially independent without the risk of opening a private office. By giving them the opportunity to own their business within the Tru Whole Care center and with the Tru Whole Care operational support, practitioners are able to practice how they want and focus on care.

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