A Career Changing Phone Call

In this episode of The Entrepreneur Next Door, Zev Asch speaks with Josh Dyszel, President & CEO at Recruit & Field, a qualitative research company in New York. Josh was well on his way to a career in information systems when his mother, Bette Dyszel, one of the early pioneers in recruiting respondents for marketing research, asked him to help with her growing company. When setting up a computer network to part-time business development,  Josh eventually took over the reins of the company in 2009, orchestrated a buyout of his mother’s partner, rebranded the company and significantly grew the business. 

Using his skills as an IT professional, Josh develops a proprietary database system to manage a rapidly growing network of respondents. Yet, while the business grows at a rapid pace, Josh is focused on staying true to his mother’s legacy. He steers the company’s growth with an early adoption of digital methodologies and his mission to position Recruit & Field as a creative and forward thinking business. He continues to expand his in-house talent pool and to invest in advanced technology and research tools.

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