Imaging Robotics Air Cameras with Greg Appelhof

 Adam Torres and Greg Appelhof discuss air cameras.

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Show Notes:

AirSelfie is a pioneer in the air camera market. Their technology is empowering creators worldwide. In this episode,  Adam Torres and Greg Appelhof, CEO AirSelfie, Inc., explore the future of AirSelfie and it’s plans for expansion.

About Greg Appelhof 

Entrepreneurial, Senior Executive with over 20 years of experience leading emerging consumer technology companies on brand and sales strategies including capital raise, organizational development, and growth plans as CEO, President or SVP Sales and Marketing.

Consistent track record of discovering, developing and driving new business opportunities for manufacturers and retailers in consumer product goods industry. Executed strategies across multiple product categories including consumer products, computing, console and PC gaming, display technologies, smartphone accessories, health and fitness wearables, 3D printing and app based hardware.

About AirSelfie, Inc.

The AirSelfie products are the world’s first and only pocket-sized aerial cameras that allow you to take HD photos and video of your friends and life hands-free from the sky with the free for download iOS and Android app or without a smartphone connection. AirSelfie is on the leading edge of aerial camera technology with its introduction of “one-touch” Auto-Fly autonomous flight and App-Free Auto-Fly that allow AIR PIX to launch, fly, find the user, shoot HD selfies, and then return to the user with the touch of a button or even without a smartphone connection.

These two proprietary flight modes allow the user to take selfies while they continue their life activity without interruption to pilot the aerial camera or even to make a disruptive gesture. The new, highly intuitive AirSelfie app sets the AirSelfie experience apart from all other aerial cameras with a robust image editing suite featuring rotate, size, crop, brightness, contrast, and saturation functions, plus the ability to add dynamic filters, type in a myriad of fonts, a library of fun stickers and frames, plus much more!

The AirSelfie app also allows users to share their personally customized images instantly and seamlessly to their favorite social media platforms directly from the app. AirSelfie aerial cameras and their accessories are developed and produced by an international team of talent hailing from all over the world. Flight platform developers and engineers from Shenzhen, Italian app and industrial designers and experienced corporate leaders around the world are coordinated by AirSelfie, Inc., which, through its affiliates, manages development, production and distribution of AirSelfie products globally.

For more information on AirSelfie, visit www.airselfiecamera.com

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