Improving Experiences with Digital Health Tools with Steve Jungmann

Adam Torres and Steve Jungmann discuss digital health tools.

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Show Notes:

Digital health tools are oftentimes lacking in design. In this episode,  Adam Torres and Steve Jungmann, Managing Director of Somerset & Church, explore the future of digital health tools.

About Steve Jungmann

He is a veteran consumer and health tech product executive, creating and launching hardware and software products at startups and established companies such as Apple, Microsoft, Bose, and Philips. The fun is where product ambiguity meets a fast-changing market. At Somerset & Church, they help firms find the right signals in all the noise and launch into the market. They do user discovery, prototyping, design, and deliver complete data-focused software platforms with elegant user experience via agile development.

In 2018, they identified a new customer for Bedrock Data and defined, designed, and shipped a completely new product in six months with its team. They also designed and developed the complete software solution for an FDA-approved concussion detection device within a year.

In both of these projects, they helped the firms to focus and simplify the product for the first release and then follow with updates that provided more value – each update was like a new chapter in a book and took the user on a journey. They used clickable prototypes to test each feature before they wrote any code so they knew what they were building was exactly what the customer wanted. Quick and inexpensive experiments led to rich and desired releases. One firm was acquired based on the customer demand and the other is an FDA-approved platform and bringing on new customers.

About Sormeset & Church

Somerset & Church is a boutique design and development firm that focuses on the early stages of your idea, helps you refine and distill it, and brings it to launch. The firm has successfully launched software products into B2B data tools, health tech, and consumer markets.

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