Inclusive Leadership for a Remote Workforce with Matthew J. Cahill

Adam Torres and Matthew Cahill discuss building a remote workforce.

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Show Notes:

Remote workforces are becoming more important than ever. But how do you build a remote working environment properly? In this episode,  Adam Torres and  Matthew J Cahill, President at The Percipio Company, explore creating a sustainable remote workforce.

About Matthew Cahill

My deep expertise in cognitive, social and workplace biases is rooted in the belief that if you have a brain, you have bias. I work with business leaders to identify hidden, and sometimes not so hidden biases, that are impacting company performance. Measurable results demonstrated with large clients like LinkedIn, Sales-force as well as dozens of small to mid-size companies in reducing mental mistakes, strengthening workplace relationships & disrupting existing bias within current HR processes, meeting protocols and corporate policies. The results are inclusive organizations with increasing revenues, exceptional employee performance, and more satisfied customers.

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