Increased Tax Credits for Small Businesses Starting Retirement Plans with Tali Vaughn, QKA

Adam Torres and Tali Vaughn, QKA discuss small business tax credits.

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Show Notes:

Many changes have taken place recently. One of these changes relates to starting small business retirement plans. In this episode, Adam Torres and Tali Vaughn, QKA, Regional VP of Sales and Consulting at EGPS, explore the benefits small business owners may receive for starting retirement plans.

About EGPS, INC.

Economic Group Pension Services, INC. (EGPS) is a national independent consulting firm that has been serving clients and their advisors since 1971. EGPS focuses on plan design, administrating, and delivering customized retirement plans. Our commitment is aimed at having national access to greater resources and expertise. What sets EGPS apart is the added value through personalized care and attention that ties it all together in creating innovative retirement plan solutions that exceed our client’s needs.

They serve employers, plan participants, and financial advisors to find the right strategic solutions. EGPS meets company and business owners’ corporate tax objectives and ultimately helps save for retirement using a qualified retirement plan. EGPS has eight enrolled actuaries that work with highly qualified retirement plan consultants. With offices in Alabama, California, Florida, Kansas, Louisiana, New Jersey, and New York, we currently administer approximately 4,500 employee benefit plans.

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