INFOLIST.com | A Top Entertainment Industry Resource with Jeffrey R. Gund

Adam Torres and Jeffrey R. Gund discuss how INFOLIST.com helps the entertainment industry connect.

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Show Notes:

What started as a simple way to help friends connect with opportunities in the entertainment industry has grown into a trusted resource for industry insiders. In this episode, Adam Torres and Jeffrey R. Gund, CEO and Founder of INFOLIST.com, explores the rise of INFOLIST.com and the future of the entertainment industry.

About Jeffrey R. Gund

CEO & Founder of INFOLIST – a top entertainment industry resource providing daily info to thousands of industry professionals and up and comers on jobs, casting info, opportunities, as well as info on industry events, screenings, and parties, and discounts on seminars, lectures, etc. with top industry professionals.

Through INFOLIST, I also produce high level industry networking events with Special Guests including producers, writers, creators, execs, and stars from major blockbuster movies and Oscar-winning films, top TV shows, major video game franchises, top production companies, major studios, etc., where you get to make real relationships and mix and mingle in a relaxed, fun atmosphere.

Additionally, I have composed and produced music for award winning films, hundreds of episodes of primetime television, top selling video games, and produced songs for Grammy nominated recording artists.

I also have relationships in the film and television industry which can facilitate the production and financing of films and television.

Specialties: Composing and producing music for film, television, video games, records, etc. Packaging and financing film projects. Inside information on entertainment industry jobs, opportunities, and events. Meeting lots of people and making lots of friends. 🙂

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