Innovation and Adaptation in Times of Disruption with Francis Cholle

Adam Torres and Francis Cholle explore innovation and adaptation.

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Show Notes:

Having the ability to innovate and adapt has become crucial in today’s marketplace. But can real change be achieved in these areas at the organizational level? In this episode,  Adam Torres and Francis Cholle, Founder, CEO and President of The Human Company and SQUIRCLE Academy and Author of Squircle: A New Way to Think for a New World, explore boosting innovation while creating an agile and adaptable workplace. Text the word “SQUIRCLE” to number 484848 to get a free assessment and 20 pg. report on how you think, adapt and innovate.

About Francis Cholle

“​’The Intuitive Compass’​ is not just a concept, it works! From first-hand experience, I know this methodology is both fun and effective. Francis Cholle has decoded the new meaning of success for individuals and organizations in the new economy. In particular, ‘The Intuitive Compass’​ is a must-read for anyone looking to reinvent legacy business models through creative and sustainable innovation.” –Phillippe Guelton, CEO at SheKnows Media

Francis is an international business consultant, best-selling author, engaging speaker, as well as CEO and founder of The Human Company (www.thehumancompany.com). He seeks to help companies rethink business in ways that conventional strategic management cannot. His clients are major, mid-size, emerging firms, including global powerhouses across a wide variety of industries such as beauty, luxury, pharmaceuticals, communications, media, and information technology.

His unique approach is to help companies understand and leverage the power of intuition and instinct, thereby impacting people and culture, which are keys to innovation and success in today’s global economy. His original proven model, the Intuitive Compass®, enables clients to foster the innovations that are critical to long-term success. In his most recent book, The Intuitive Compass (Jossey-Bass, 2011) he details his perspective on decision-making and describes how his model has helped clients reach unparalleled levels of achievement in their industries.

He is a graduate of the HEC School of Management in Paris, accredited by the Creative Problem Solving Institute to offer leadership assessments, and credentialed to administer the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. His extensive studies and experiences in cognitive science, the performing arts, and eastern philosophies have profoundly influenced the development of his consulting practice and his approach to working with CEOs and senior executives. 


SQUIRCLE is a global movement to revolutionize the way we think. Instead of relying on linear thinking output — data, structure, rules — they encourage delving into our natural rhythms and creativity for innovative and sustainable solutions to problems.

You’ll find we all naturally have this ability within us. Know Better Way can help you access and use this ability for making deeper, better decisions in your work and your life.

Led by Francis Cholle, an international strategic consultant who has worked with some of the most esteemed global companies.  You’ll learn the same tools and training that has inspired over 250,000 leaders throughout the world.

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