Innovation in the Expert Witness Landscape with Shireen Shah

 Adam Torres and Shireen Shah discuss the expert witness landscape.

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Show Notes:

Law firms rely on expert witnesses for many of their cases. These witnesses can mean the difference between winning and losing a case. But how do firms find the right expert witnesses? In this episode,  Adam Torres and Shireen Shah, President & CEO of ExpertAnalytics Group, explore how ExpertAnalytics Group aims to change the expert witness landscape.

About ExpertAnalytics Group

ExpertAnalytics Group specializes in new concept expert and legal expert witness communication,, expert witness online marketing, online expert witness education and expert witness executive expert witness admin services. Our goal is to revolutionize the way that experts and law firms communicate, educate, and collaborate. ExpertAnalytics Group helps expert witness professionals, law firms, and corporations to implement targeted online business strategies that will increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the expert witness space.  

We are located in Toronto, ON the business capital of Canada. Everyday we take the time to research, and really know what it is that expert and legal professionals face and need every single day. Over time, we discovered that a significant number of expert and legal professionals still hesitate to engage in online business strategies due to concerns with professional credibility in the eyes of prospective clients, colleagues, lawyers, and competitors. As a result progressive communication strategies between experts and law firms have suffered and fallen behind in the massive demand for expert-legal communication solutions. 

ExpertAnalytics Group provides a credible, reliable resource for expert and legal professionals across the map to increase the level of online communications and diversify the expert communication platforms.

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