Innovations in Food and AG Supply Chain with Martha Montoya

Adam Torres and Martha Montoya discuss innovations in the food and AG supply chain.

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Show Notes:

The food and AG supply chain is ripe with innovation. With innovation, comes opportunity. In this episode,  Adam Torres and Martha Montoya, CEO and Founder of Agtools Inc., explore innovations in the food and AG supply chain.

About Martha Montoya

“It is not the strongest or the most intelligent who will survive but those who can best manage change.” -Charles Darwin

With over 25 years of worldwide agricultural and supply chain experience, Martha’s career in the agricultural industry started while sourcing ingredients from the Americas to New Zealand, Australia and Thailand which provided her with the knowledge of the product from the source to delivery. Dealing with humble and industrial farmers, government entities and sophisticated buyers in Europe, Russia and the United States, set up production lines of lettuce in Arizona and Mexico to the Netherlands, banana puree from Costa Rica to Australia, guided a peach crop from South Africa to England, worked on new Asparagus crops as well as Mangos from Peru for the USA or from India to England among many.

Parallel work included social impact programs such as government finance programs for women farmers in Mexico; bank low interest credit program in California for small organic farmers. Appointed to the California Board of Agriculture and Food, board member Latino Food Industry Association, served on the advisory worldwide board of Women for Walmart and Board of United States Hispanic Chambers of Commerce. Founded award winner Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence www.ag.tools, a solution allowing farmers, food supply chain stakeholders, banking, insurance and other industries to make better decisions, increase profits, avoid waste and impact climate change.

Her agricultural career while sourcing crops is delivering projects beneficial for the farmer and customer on 4 continents, such as government finance programs for berry growers in Mexico to empower women owned farms, low interest credit program in California for small organic farmers with a financial institution from the CRA program to utilize for production and labor costs and more. 

About Agtools Inc.

Agtools – A dashboard platform for agribusiness operators from farmers to distributors to marketers, Proprietary award winner supply chain technology increases profitability, reduces food supply chain waste through timelier, more informed decisions.  Created by experienced ag professionals and past retail buyers, aggregates public and industry data with market variables of over 500 commodities, 100 million worldwide data records through an intuitive dashboard, proprietary algorithms and M/L.

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