Innovative Private Money Lending with Kevin Kim

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Kevin Kim, Partner at Geraci Law Firm LLP the nation’s largest law firm dedicated to the private lending industry, is a seasoned corporate and securities law attorney specializing in structuring strategic partnerships and creating innovative solutions in private placements and other alternative investments for private lenders, real estate developers and real estate entrepreneurs.  

Because he has such an extensive background in complex corporate transactions, Kevin is able to provide a very unique high touch approach consulting relationship to his clients while giving them business strategy from a legal perspective. 

Kevin doesn’t mind at all being called a hard money lender, because ultimately what matters most is that his clients get what they need. And he’s sharing his expertise on debt fund formation and his perspective on whether there are too many hard money lenders, if the market is too saturated and where he believes there’s plenty of room for growth and opportunity.  

Go to geracilawfirm.com to connect further with Kevin Kim, listen to the Lender Lounge with Kevin Kim podcast or sign up to attend either of Geraci Law Firm’s 2023 Innovate or Captivate conferences. 

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