Interview and Surprise with Shawne Merriman – Mills on the Mic

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In this episode of the Mills on the Mic podcast, Host Jen Mills interviewed Shawne Merriman, founding CEO of the Lights Out brand, analyst Fox Sports and former Linebacker in the National Football League (NFL) with the Los Angeles Chargers & Buffalo Bills. Shawne is also the founder of the Lights On Foundation, which provides winter wear for those less fortunate in the Maryland area. Jen and Shawne talk about Shawne’s journey in becoming the CEO of lights out and his other business ventures. They also share their thoughts regarding the new additions to the Chargers team and many more great Chargers topics.

They also highlight the surprise Jen and Shawne made for a Chargers fan. This amazing Chargers fan shares stories about the Chargers and the Yeti or Knot’s Bolt Dolls.

Story Notes:

  • Shawne’s Business Ventures
  • Lights Out
  • Shawne’s Interaction with his Fans
  • New Additions in Chargers
  • All-Star Squad
  • Locker Room Mentality 
  • Shawne’s Coat Drive
  • Huge Surprise for a Fan
  • Bolt Dolls
  • Chargers Fan
  • Yeti Or Knot

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